Easter Sunday 16 April 2017 A.D. Part 1

Easter Sunday, 16 April in the Year of our Lord 2017
Easter Sunday 2017 A.D.
Elliott Martin Reed I's Testimony:
Why I Follow the Best Leader Ever!

Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017 A.D. means so much to me. Even the mere formulation of that -- culturally it cannot be ignored that Jesus Christ's life and legacy changed mankind more indelibly than any other prophet or person. Today billions of Christians worldwide celebrate a wonderful and joyous occasion.

Both in celebrating the holiest day on the calendar for a Catholic but in also totally embracing and aligning my soul with the redemptive, restorative grace that Christ's triumph over death and power over all life itself is a miracle. He was 33 when he died and rose. I am 33 today.

In a few years my family has prayerfully survived many spiritual, financial, and emotional tests. My aunt's passing this October also put the spirit in me. It said move. Start completely over. Pam taught me about our Mexican heritage and we spent many Easters together. I pray that all people embrace God in their brightest and darkest moment. It is there you find His victory forever and ever. Alleluia!

I am a product of my generation and have turned my life towards service and our future, only by God's gracious mandate to serve others. Becoming a father of two taught me to listen and love all people better. God the Father always awaits us with open arms!

Christ surrounded himself with the right people to help spread a message of fairness and justice. My vocation on Earth, fatherhood and service missions call me to follow the example  set by Christ risen the Lord and the best leader ever! Blessed be God forever.

-Elliott Martin Reed I, Publisher
May Christ's words be on my mind, lips, and heart. Amen