Easter Monday 17 April 2017 A.D. Part 2

Elliott Martin Reed I's Testimony (Part 2):
Why I Follow the Best Leader Ever!

Yesterday, I posted my true testimony prior to going to mass. Then the Holy Spirit began moving and working. I admittedly do not pray softly or quietly. I want to follow up with personal and powerful testimony of what happened after. My faith is palpable daily, when I expect it and God is truly omnipresent.

My mother offered to join me. Often, I would take her, my brother, my late-grandfather, and my late-aunt to church with me when I was younger because I have usually had the biggest vehicle and enjoyed serving my family when I was younger. I still enjoy that -- in fact, my heart beats for my family and my lungs breath for them.

So yesterday, my mother, who has sacrificed so much, pulled up in a brand new Dodge Challenger Hellcat -- a 707 HP muscle car. While we were then 1.5 minutes late to mass -- I really don't like being even a second after the procession begins -- I hopped in because I was happy for her. The joy of the Easter season, 40 days, is that renewal and beginning through faith, hope, and even joy for others grows our souls and cleanses our spirits. My mom, who put herself and her husband through terminal degrees in their fields, totally deserves that car and the next one she'll get! She has one kid working for a major company full-time and the other walking the stage in a couple weeks. She truly showed me, by having us listen to "Focus on the Family" by Dr. James Dobson and other 105.1 Christian radio while I was younger that faith and family are all that matter -- when things are bright or dim.

So, we walked into mass and I had not confided in anyone but God and his angels my yearning for my whole family. As a single man, my kids are my family right now. The mass, in particular, was powerful. We were in the back, but I wanted a seat for my mother. She wanted two seats together. There were plenty up front and neither of us are shy. She asked the usher and we walked right the first two seats directly in front of the altar and the entire congregation. Before the Eucharist, priests, acolyte, and crucifix we prayed, knelt, and sang. I love Easter and recognize the joy of His Passion and Resurrection. I also now and then reached down or looked to my right or left.

God takes control of my entire being, particularly when I am in church. So I was audibly and visibly moved by three things impactful things: the scripture verses, the homily, and a song, "Sons and Daughters." The Resurrection of our Lord is a powerful enough story, but I am not a particularly sentimental or overly expressive man. People witnessed the divine and majestic power of God, over all His servants, as I prayed fervently and silently, eyes fixed on the cross. I was praying for my kids to be at the service with me; passing along your faith is one of any parent's deepest desires. I can say, my son and daughter, who I cognitively accepted would not be there, did walk through the doors and to the front two seats. No one had sat in them, despite me looking for and inviting others to come sit in them and next to us. I truly embrace the parish family as my own and they love and respect us. I needed my kids there as an integral part of completing and renewing my spiritual journey. God delivered. He always holds up His end of the bargain. I love doing deals and making pacts with God because I trust in Him. When He is involved things go right. For me, the Easter story is a powerful one. It is the most amazing for us, because the very power over life and death is what signifies the divine and deified glory of God.`

Christ surrounded himself with the right people to help spread a message of fairness and justice. My vocation on Earth, fatherhood and service missions call me to follow the example  set by Christ risen the Lord and the best leader ever! Blessed be God forever.

-Elliott Martin Reed I, Publisher

May Christ's words be on my mind, lips, and heart. Amen