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Father of Two Looking for Work

I want to begin the midpoint of my career, be proud of the work I am doing, and do a great job for as many people as I can. I also want to be able to pay for my children to attend summer camp. They told me they are OK with some shameless self promotion if it puts food on the table, clothes on backs, & contributes to their future. Awarded over $10K in fellowships + grants, I taught myself IT skills. #Hunting for a job & #gathering resources. — Elliott M.Reed (@Elliottmreed) May 25, 2017

I was awarded over $10K in fellowships and grants. I taught myself executive IT skills. I have a boring, competent...
Posted by Elliott Martin Reed I on Thursday, May 25, 2017

Elliott Reed: Executive/Management Summary

Father of two with a history of working with the public. 
My master of public management is like an MBA for public sector managers and consultants. 

Skilled in 
-Strategic Planning;
-C-level and SES Consulting;
-Workforce Development, Industrial and Labor Relations;
- Agile projects and Change Management;
-Transformational and authentic leadership; 

Hello Miss Kitty!

Can you imagine being somewhere for years, with an incurable disease and no one will love you enough to treat you like family? My heart went out to Miss Kitty and I asked specifically if they had an FIV+ cat. They had just the one for us!

My family and I are so pleased we adopted #MissKitty who has #FIV We educated ourselves w/ this article: @cornellvet

Available Full Time

As of today, I am available, full-time, having contributed 1/2 year of pro bono #consultant #manager #director services to #nonprofit #work!
Elliott Martin Reed I, MPM, GWCPM
Father of 2 | Certified Project Manager | Lean 6 σ

Purple Line Now

For those who like to read... We have been over this. This judge's order is sticking in my craw -- I studied this issue nearly a DECADE ago. Now I have two kids and a few fancy letters behind my name, we could move anywhere -- Manhattan, Philly, Boston and have been wooed. People say that we are the kind of families the area needs: young, conscientious, and service-oriented. Our friends and neighbors are the same. We like it here, but we want to LOVE it here. We need to see more of the area and it would help a ton to be able to get around better. Some people choose to use public transportation -- it is an egalitarian option. Part of the fabric of our nation -- which should be a thread woven throughout its National Capital MSA region -- is mixing people from all sorts of backgrounds. You can go to Virginia for conformity. Who wants to return to homogenous and cookie-cutter neighborhoods? The majority of people want and need the #PURPLELINENOW! Our metro area is a great place for #…

"Benvictus": a poem by EMR I to EMR II

Elliott Reed "Benvictus": An adaptation of Sir William Ernest Henley's "Invictus"

By: Elliott Martin Reed I

Dedicated to Elliott Martin Reed II
Out of the snot that covers me, Black as the raisins from highchair to floor, I think whenever he runs across the room from me: 'Dang, I must be getting o-l-d!' 

" Feed me or nobody sleeps" ...true!!
In the slippery clutch of Mr. Bubble, I have not seen nor found the froggy towel, Under a quick glance away--there might be trouble; My shirt is soaked, but at least he did not howl. 
Beyond this place of bedtime shrieks, Looms but another trip up the daggone stairs, And yet out of the room Daddy creeps... Finally, Benny shuts his eyes and hugs raggedy Mr. Bear. 
It matters not which week he stays, How filled with wipes and toys the car, I am the one who makes his days: I am his father, near or far.
Guiding his steps

Elliott Martin Reed I | Forty Under 40 2017

Elliott Reed On behalf of the custodians & bus drivers, students & teachers, mentors & volunteers, who make Kids Excelling in Math and Science (KEMS) possible, thank you Prince George's County Social Innovation FundTonia WellonsShauntia White For honoring OUR work! The 2017 Forty Under 40 cohort is moving with greater speed and strength than the Anacostia River at high tide! Thank you, Mom, Marja Lindsey Reed, LCSW-C-- best Social Worker Under 60 -- for never quitting. Thank you to everyone who has helped me be a successful father of two and servant of all.